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Saturday, 24 November 2012

She fits! :)

KLQ has been delivrered :) As I could not be there during the actual delivery, I went to see her at the first opportunity, of course. To fit!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, where I live near the coast, looking to the west. When we drove off to Lelystad, however, already near Amsterdam some fog and clouds appeared. Further in the direction of Lelystad, the weather got only wordse. At Lelystad airport, visibility and cloud base had actually prevented any VFR flights from taking place. Weather was improving already, visibility was well above minimums, but the cloud base reamined below minimums until somewhat in the afternoon. This meant that "my" plane, that she had been waiting outside for the better part of the morning, together with the rest of the regular KLM Aeroclub fleet (PH-ANJ, and PH-JBH were still inside the hangar)

So, the planned flight of that morning had not yet taken place. That gave me the opportunity to climb in to the cockpit, and shoot some pictures.

What a lovely plane! As soon as the weather allowed, Lelystad Airport became a true exodus of airplanes sitting there waiting to be released. KLQ, of course, was one of them. So here she goes for a one hour local:

Looks like it was an enoyable flight :D

I will not be starting my regular flight lessons any time soon. I simply need some more money in the bank before I start, so that I know that I can go all the way without having to pause half-way because of cash-flow problems. But I do want to go flying with a (licensed) friend soon. He fisrt needs to get "checked out" on this particular aircraft. That means that he will have to demonstrate his ability to operate the plane safely to a club instructor. She has a couple of perculiarities, like the G500 /  GTN 650 (those computer screens). They are not common use in General Aviation yet. So a little self-study, plus an instructional flight is in order first, before he is allowed to book the plane.
Also, the specific airspeeds are slightly different from the other aircraft in the fleet (C172 and PA-28), and require some getting used to.
That's what you get, with such a slender lady ;)

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