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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Going SP-ACY

I shared my experiences so far on Airwork (amongst others), and to my question "anybody got any flying experience with an AT-3?", I got an answer "better yet: I own one!". So of cause I contacted that owner, and now I have an appointment next Sunday to go fly with him a bit. :)

For an impression: Here is a short movie, starring the plane in question.
Can't wait 'till Sunday ...

Monday, 18 July 2011


Pffff.... all those abbreviations!

European legislation in the area of safety for civil aviation (requirements for Pilot's Licenses, amongs others...) is about to change. So far, JAA (Joint Aviation Authority) was the measure, but within the framework of free commercial traffic within the European Community, it was decided at EC level that all applicable law must be harmonised (equal for all member states). For that purpose, EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) was founded, and mandated with the task to supply the European Counsil with legislative proposals on civil aviation. Of cause, the starting point was the JAA rules, amended to fit the current European situation and/or specific wishes of some member states.
Now, how does that affect my flying adventures?