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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Delivery !!!

The 6th of November, a three hour flight took "my" Aquila from the factory in Schönhagen (Berlin) to her new home, KLM Aeroclub in Lelystad!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to witness the "homecoming" myself, because I was abroad at the time. Hence the delay in writing this repport. Many of you will probably have seen the pictures in other media already, but that does not hold me from writing a piece on this milestone myself, of course :)
Monday, November 5th, the president of the corporation and a board member of KLM Aeroclub flew to Berlin, predicting, and hoping, that conditions the next day would be VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions; a prerequisite for visual flight rules). After a successfulaccetance test flight (to check if all systems work properly), the signature was placed, and the transfer of ownership was a fact.

So, it's time to fire up the engine, light up those impressive screens, and start the maiden flight :)

Across the finish line

Next thing on my agenda: visit KLM Aeroclub, and see if she fits :)

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