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Monday, 27 August 2012

Almost there

Saturday the 25th, was the day that the maiden flight of our new plane would take place. Unfortunately, the weather was not good enough to fly, so that flight was postponed. And of course, that also meant the the weather was too bad for us to fly to the factory as well :(
Weatheralert Saturday morning 0900 (exactly the planned departure time)

Orbifly map: Light Green = VMC, Dark Green = Marginal VMC, orange = IMC, rood = intensive IMC, Dark Red very intensive IMC (like just belowr Berlijn...)

Monday, 13 August 2012

Aquila is being built!

In anticipation of our pending visit, the Aquila importer sent us some pictures of the current state of "our" aircraft as it is being built. Or actually it is the state of two weeks ago, as I just returned from a holiday.


I can't wait for these two weeks to be over!
We'll depart Lelystad as early as possible on the 25th, with two airplanes, totalling 6 people. The 7th, Peter Eier, will stick some days in Berlin to this factory visist, so he will travel by commercial airliner.  Way to go Peter!
We'll probably do a stopover in Porta Westfalica, or Hildesheim (or one on the trip towards Schönhagen, the other on the return trip). That way, we reduce the flight time per leg from 3 to about 1 1/2 hour, we get to change seats, and possibly put the 2 non-licenced people in the left seat (read: take a flying lesson), each for one leg ...
We are still mailing back and forth to finalise everything, but all but one managed to book a room at the Park Inn hotel at Alexanderplatz, so that promises a nice night in Berlin as well :)

We'll fly back to Lelystad on the 26th, and then I can start organising my pictures. I expect to take more than 10 ... ;) So don't go expecting a full report on the 27th, but do expect one in due time.