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Monday, 22 October 2012

Aquila day is coming ...

Today, the 22nd of October, was the originally planned delivery date of the Aquila. For a bit, it looked like delivery could take place even weeks before, but some red tape prevented that quite efficiently. But now, it's all set: the airplane has her Dutch registration finalised as PH-KLQ, she's paid for (largely), and the last stand-by instruments have been assembled into the cockpit. All that is needed now is two days of good weather (VMC, Visual Meteorological Conditions; required for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) based flight) at days that fit the schedule of the ferry crew. The crew (representatives of corporation Vuelo, and KLM Aeroclub) will fly to Schönhagen, fly an acceptance flight with the new plane, place the decisive signature, and ferry the plane back to her new home base, Lelystad Airport.
Last Friday and Saturday was the first try already, but the weather forecast over the weekend looked bad. 7000m sight is marginal, but ceilings ranging from 2000 to 700 ftAMSL (above mean sea level) are too marginal, up to outright illegal for VFR flight. The chance that the men would not be able to appear at work on Monday was just too big, so this attempt was cancelled. I just can't wait for the next occasion where weather meets calendars ...

Ready for delivery...
foto (c) and courtesy of: Stu Carr

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Zulu Zulu

Thanks to an anonymous sponsor, I was already able to order my headset. So, I did: Ordered on Monday, delivered on Wednesday already!! :)

Lightspeed Headset

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Passed my Medical :)

The only potential show-stopper for my flying adventures was my medical. "Was", because yesterday I got my Class II Certificate! :)
Passed! :)
All happy, because now I'm sure that all the investments already done, and especially those that I am about to do, are not in vain.
If I don't get my license now (in due time, of course), then it's only me to blame. Dedication, devotion, motivation, time, and, yes, some money, is all that's needed as of now. Time and money are the most uncertain factors, but I have them all planed out. If my plan comes through, I'll have my pilot's license in a couple of years.