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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I wasn't going to go to a bunch of airshows I knew about, because I would be on holiday doing other stuff at that time. There was Oostwold Airshow, the 80th anniversary of the Eindhoven Aeroclub (including a flfy-in), Harbour days in Hoorn (with the Dutch PBY Katalina), the Texel Taildragger Fly-In, and "Volkel in the
Clouds", with Frank Versteegh. All very nice ways to spend a day, but I hadn't done anything to go there yet. Until a couple of days ago, when I was contacted by Cees Ootjers of KLM Aeroclub. He knew of a plane that would fly to Oostwold Airshow, and still had two sets unoccupied ... Needless to say I was quickly convinced. I asked my brother in law, Edwin, along, and he agreed instantly too :)
Oostwold Airshow is an airshow at a green strip east of the city of Groningen. As it is a green strip, most planes are SEP (Single Engine Piston), exactly my favourite :)
Early morning, the weather did not look very "fly-able":