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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The plane is ordered!

Somewhere mid-June, the Aquila has been ordered from the factory in Schönhagen (EDAZ, just South of Berlin)!
Link to the site of the factory
Expected delivery dat is the 22nd of October. Slightly more that the 3 months delivery time that was given before, due to closure of the factory during the summer holidays.
That's not so much of a problem for me, since I will need even more time to fill my savings reservoir to a level that will allow me to continue taking lessons on a regular basis. I expect that to take at least until fall next year, maybe even later...
F-HARN, Aquila A210 demonstrator for during the wait for the delivery

Sometime between now and the delivery date, a group of shareholders will travel to the factory to witness the building process of our airplane. With the current KLM Aeroclub fleet, we could fly out there with max. 14 people. It's a 300nm journey, almost due east from Lelystad:
Route: Harderwijk, due East, circumvent some restricted airspace near Magdeburg. (Map drawn rotated)
Who will go, and when exactly, is still to be determined. There's 11 share holders that already indicated being interested to go, an I am one of them :)
It will be a 3 hour leg, so a rather costly adventure. But so worth the money! I'll post more on the when and how, once known. And once we've been there ... photos!

Now that the airplane has been ordered, that bit is finalised. Now, I can start to think about the next major expenses: KLM Aeroclub membership, headset, medical. I already got my full set of Bas Vrijhof theory books for my birthday, so that's covered already.
I think it's wise to start with the medical, because that has the potential of being a spoiler. Without it, you are not allowed to fly solo, which of course is a requirement for getting your license. And should the reason for not passing the medical be serious enough (it's heart, lungs, and eyes that need to meet certain criteria), then that could be a show-stopper. At my age, the medical test has to be repeated every year, and I will not be flying solo within one year, so I'd be spending one medical test too many, in my piloting career. But I think that's better than spending the money on KLM Aeroclub membership (€260.= / yr plus a one-time fee of €83.=), and a headset (€215.= ~€ 850.=) first, only to discover that I need to stop, and not get anything back for what I've spent already...
I'd rather spend one extra medical (renewal, €99.=) and avoid that situation for sure.

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