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Monday, 16 July 2012

Factory visit (1)

This is it, the date is set!
Satuday, August 25th, 7 of us set course to the Aquila factory in Schönhagen. Tim Drubbel reserved a DA-40, and Rik Douwes (Air Waterland, Aquila importer) reserved a Piper Archer. Now, we are all heavily mailing back and forth to come to a distribution of people over the planes, and making hotel reservations.  Peter Eier is making a week out of it, to see Berlin. He has already booked a flight and hotel, so now the rest is trying to book into the same hotel, so that we get to hang out for the entire Saturday. Maybe a good deal of the Sunday as well. In any case, this way, we don't need to make a three hour international flight after a doubtlessly very tyring Saturday. And it will make us enjoy the journey itself all the more :)
Now let's hope the summer weather kicks in finally ...

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