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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Weather, Weather, Weather, ...

It's not that I did not have the time to write, these last couple of months, I simply haven't flown for that long already! My last flight was December 6th, 2014. Between then and today (February 10th, 2015), I have had 6 bookings in the system, but none matured to actual flight. Every time, the weather played a decisive role. 2014 ended with a stormy, gusty December month, with occasional gusts over 40 knots (30 knots is our Club limit). Then January came with a lot of icing conditions, and bad visibility. Last Saturday, every 10 minutes or so the cloud cover dropped to some 400 ft, putting the wind mills with their heads in the clouds. We have a lot of those in the vicinity of my home field, so I would have to slalom between them... NOT!
On a couple of occasions, the day before and the day after were fine flying conditions, but thaat's the downside to being dependent on not only my own availability, but also of an aircraft, an instructor, and so-called "Visual Meteorological Conditions". At least, once I have my license, I will have one less of those factors ;) Then again, passenger availability becomes a potential issue. Mmmmhhhh... Anyway:
I hope that next Monday, the weather will cooperate, because then I have my next booking.

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