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Monday, 12 March 2012

Demo Day

Saturday the 10th of March, KLM Aeroclub held an Aquila demo day for which a couple of FIs provided their services for free. So at a couple of tenners per hour less cost, it was extra interesting to come and try out the A210, this weekend.
I went too, despite the fact that  already signed the agreement, and did the downpayment. For me, this day was more about socialising, and of course about the progress in finding the necessary participants. Also, I wanted to have some pictures of the already third demonstrator for the club. After the D-EWTF, another one has come and gone already. Now it was F-HARN's turn to complete the club's fleet.

The demo day attracted a lot of interested pilots, but the weather was not ver cooperative. Mist and low cloudbase kept the demonstrator on the ground for most of the morning. That resulted in moving the flights to later that day, but with a markedly tighter schedule. So, not much time in between flights to climb in , and shoot some pictures inside. Every time the Aquila came back in, a small horde of enthousiasts stormed out to admire the plastic miracle.
End of the day came the proof of the pudding: two men of over 2m length each, comfortably fit in the cockpit of this Aquila A210:

Also interested? check out, and click on the Aquila banner of a folder, presentation of the plan, cost claculation sheet, and even the agreement already ...
April 1st is the closing date for participating. And that is not an April fool's joke!

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  1. Hoop dat er genoeg stukje-vliegtuig-kopers zich aanmelden!