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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Almost Aquila

I seem to hold a patent for planning flights when there is bad weather. Today, I had planned a lesson in the KLM Aeroclub Aquila A210, but the weather would not cooperate. Fat too mch wind, some rain (not necessarily a problem), hail, and thunder (definitely a show-stopper). Plus a cloud base that would be too low from time to time...

TAF EHAM 070500Z 0706/0812 23017KT 9999 FEW015 SCT020
    BECMG 0706/0708 27020G30KT
    TEMPO 0706/0712 6000 SHRA SHRAGS SCT010 SCT018CB BKN022
    BECMG 0710/0713 28028G42KT
    PROB30 TEMPO 0713/0722 29032G48KT 6000 SHRA SHRAGS SCT010
    SCT015CB BKN020
    BECMG 0722/0801 28020G30KT
    BECMG 0801/0804 28015G25KT
    BECMG 0804/0807 23008KT
    BECMG 0809/0812 18020G30KT -RA BKN030=

FT070500 EHGG     GRONINGEN/EELDE   NLD   4 m.
TAF EHGG 070449Z 0706/0812 20014KT 8000 BKN008
    TEMPO 0706/0709 5000 -RA -SHRA BKN008 FEW025CB
    BECMG 0708/0710 27017G30KT 9999 SCT025
    TEMPO 0708/0806 6000 -SHRA -SHRAGS FEW025CB SCT030
    PROB40 TEMPO 0708/0716 29027G40KT 4500 SHRA TSGSRA SCT020CB
    BECMG 0715/0718 27022G37KT
    PROB40 TEMPO 0716/0803 29032G49KT 4500 SHRA TSGSRA SCT020CB
    BECMG 0800/0803 29019G32KT
    BECMG 0803/0806 28010KT
    BECMG 0809/0812 19015G25KT 8000 -RA BKN030=

A pitty! But, there's always next week. We'll just go try again next Wednesday. In the mean time, there's an information evening for the Aquila share tomorrow evening, so I'll go there first, and take it from there. I had hoped to have flown the plane before that, but that just wasn't meant to be.

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