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Friday, 17 June 2011

Aquila A210 share?

In the mean time, I have heard that KLM Aeroclub is considering to acquire an Aquila A210, and set up a participation / share construction with that plane. I have seen all the numbers involved, but promised to sit on them until this is all out of the concept phase.
Just like the other participation constructions, there is an initial fee to get aboard, and a reduced hourly rate as a consequence. But because it is a participation construction within a club, a clever scheme has been implmented, where it is possible for other club members to rent the plane as well (at a higher rate, but cheaper than with any other renting agency). Adding it all up, the costs will end up slighly higher than with the DA-20 or AT-3 shares.
For that money you will get a bit "more plane" too. The A210 is a spacious two-seater. I've been told that after a flight in the A210, the DA-20 suddenly seems "cramped". Also, the model that the KLM Aeroclub has in mind, has a Garmin G500 glass cockpit, which I find very appealing.
I would love to sit in one...

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