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Friday, 27 May 2011

Choices, choises ... (2)

My first filtering has lead to 3 FTOs (Flight Training Organisations):

Lelystad Luchtvaartschool, LLS
Singles & Twins
KLM Aeroclub

All three seem to be reliable partners (over the past season, a couple of FTOs have toppled over; which does not improve ones financial status if you have committed to long term training already). They all have multiple aircraft types available for training, both high- and low wing planes, 2- as well as 4-seaters.
Assuming an equal amount of about €3500 for study materials, medical, fees, and other one-time fixed costs, and 50 hours of training (divided up as 30 h. C150, 15 h. C172, 5 h. PA-28 or equivalent, as available), I calculate a total price of € 13.500 to €14.750. I think that the price difference is too small to make a decision based on that alone. There should also be a "click" between me and the FTO, which is at least a important for this kind of money.

Better go visit them then ...
to be continued

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